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40mm Gravel/Shingle

40mm Gravel/Shingle Suppliers Here! - 40mm Gravel/Shingle Supplied and Delivered Nationwide

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Units Quantity £/Unit
Bulk Bag(s) 1 - 9 N/A
Bulk Bag(s) 10 - 19 £35.00
Bulk Bag(s) 20+ £30.00
Loose (Tonnes) 1 - 9 N/A
Loose (Tonnes) 10 - 19 £25.00
Loose (Tonnes) 20+ £17.00
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Quarried Drainage Aggregates > 40mm Gravel/Shingle

Other Name(s): 40mm Shingle

Consists of:  A mixture of angular and rounded stones washed and passed through various screens to create a 40mm aggregate.  Widely used in the construction industry as a drainage medium.  Not suitable for driveways due to size. This product may vary in colour and shape depending on source. Mainland Aggregates Ltd take pride in being one of the leading 40mm Gravel suppliers.

Ideal for: Large diameter pipe bedding, soak-aways, vibro-piling, landscaping etc. 

Availability: Loose or Bulk Bags 
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Tonnes Loose or 10 Bulk Bags.

Bulk Bag Weight: 850-950kg

*Large Discounts Available on Large or Regular Orders of 40mm Gravel*

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