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Equestrian Silica Sand

Equestrian Silica Sand Manege Surface Suppliers -  Equestrian Silica Sand Supplied and Delivered Nationwide

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Bulk Bag(s) 1 - 9 N/A
Bulk Bag(s) 10 - 19 £55.00
Bulk Bag(s) 20+ £40.00
Loose (Tonnes) 1 - 9 N/A
Loose (Tonnes) 10 - 19 £40.00
Loose (Tonnes) 20+ £22.00
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Equestrian Surfaces > Equestrian Silica Sand

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Consists of: Very fine angular grains that allow good compaction while also assisting drainage. Equestrian Silica Sand is a must when constructing riding arenas, gallops and lunges. Many choose to use an inferior Silica Sand only to find the surface 'rides too deep' causing joint/tendon problems for your horse or that the surface is not as 'all weather' as anticipated due to frequent waterlogging.

There are many types and grades of Silica Sand available from various locations in the UK. However, only a handful are true Sub-Angular Silica Sand and these are the only Silica Sands Mainland Aggregates Ltd will supply. Many suppliers claim to be able to offer Equestrian Silica Sand at rock bottom prices. If it sounds too good to be true it almost certainly is as many of these Silica Sands are a by product of clay mining and as a result have a high clay content. Using these inferior Silica Sands will cause compaction, waterlogging and eventual failure of your surface.

All of our Equestrian Silica Sand products are graded to remove clay and silt to give a consistent Sub-Angular Silica Sand that compacts firmly while still aiding drainage. When used in combination with our rubber chip you are able to create a surface that is all weather providing a comfortable cushioned ride whilst still maintaining firmness. Silica Sands with a 'rounded' grain shape should be avoided as they usually cause a surface to ride deep. Silica Sand based surfaces will require a period of settling before they function at their best and may also require watering during prolonged dry periods.
Ideal for: Riding Arenas, Lunges and Gallops                                                                            

Availability: Loose or Bulk Bags

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Tonnes Loose or 10 x Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Weight: 850-950kg

*Large Discounts Available on Large or Regular Orders of Equestrian Silica Sand*
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