15 Growing Gardening Blogs That Will Inspire You

Here we present our 15 Growing Gardening Blogs That Will Inspire You including a list of the webs most prominent gardening bloggers.

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15 Growing Gardening Blogs That Will Inspire You


As you know, there’s no shortage of high-quality gardening blogs online today, endless gardening inspiration, tips and techniques are available at the click of a button (quite literally). But we decided to separate the ones that are good with the ones that are truly great.


Whether you’re a part of the garden blogging culture and everything that surrounds it or simply one who likes be inspired and connect with these people, these blogs will give you the resource, tips and insight to create, educate and inspire you when looking for new ideas for your garden.


Here we present our 15 inspirational gardening blogs that you must read (no pressure though).



Looking for a blog that delves into garden plants, bird and wildlife all in one place? Look no further than Shirls Gardenwatch.

Her posts become more interesting and in depth as you read along, and it’s hard to stop reading when the posts are so varied.

With a mixture of copy, images and videos, there truly is something for everyone here. Get lost in her various links pages where you’ll find everything from gardening to birding. Go ahead, pay a visit!


The Smallest Smallholding shares the story of a young couple with a big dream. There plot first started off overgrown with a lack of care, but is now a gardening paradise.

Follow their journey thus far and see how and what they’re growing and how you can do exactly the same. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans looking for gardening tips (along with the odd recipe idea thrown in for good measure!)

This Week in the Garden

This Week in the Garden was first created to record and therefore inspire others to have a go at growing fruit and vegetables at home organically.

It’s clear from Kay’s blog these days that her primary topic has switched to permaculture, which is all about finding creative, eco-friendly ways to turn your waste into resource.

Everything from compost, herbs, sustainable energy and saving money; you’re spoilt for choice here!

A Nest for All Seasons

It’s easy to see why A Nest for All Seasons was a readers choice winner blog winner in 2014, her variation of food, DIY and of course gardening displays everything you’d need to get your daily dose of inspiration.

In terms of the gardening side of things, find everything from gardening for beginners, floral design, planting, garden philosophy and tons more. Check out this blog if you haven’t already, an amazing read!

The Compost Bin

A family of gardening superheroes, introducing compostwoman, compostman and compostgirl starring in The Compost Bin.

With nearly four acres of organic garden and woodland, there blog invites you to read about their home life and the things they grown to help promote a more self sufficient lifestyle.

That’s not all; they offer tons of how to guides and product reviews to help you gain the tips and techniques you need throughout your gardening journey.


The Middle Sized Garden is perfect for those with, well, a middle sized garden. Alexandra shows you how she makes her garden look so gorgeous in a wild-life friendly manner, and without having to waste precious time or break the bank.

Her blog is simple and to the point, her advice is practical, useful and inspirational. Head over to her middle sized garden, you won’t regret it!


The Galloping Gardener is a gardening blog, but with a bit of a twist. Rather than focusing on their own actual gardening as such, the posts they put out are focussed on other people’s gardens and public gardens they’ve visited around the UK.

This blog is simply the go to for those travelling and looking for beautiful gardens to visit, the copy and imagery complement each other perfectly and with tons of posts already published, you have plenty of inspiration just waiting for you.

Visit today and discover somewhere new to where you can gallop!


Ryan’s Garden first started in a small city garden and allotment but more recently features in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside.

His blog offers a real insight in to the day to day tasks of developing a successful smallholding. Packed with loads of cool ideas from budget planting to fruit and veg growing, there’s something for everybody over at Ryan’s Garden. Time to pay a visit! 





The Blackberry Garden obtains the passion and experience of obsessed gardener, Alison Levy.

Residing in the East Midlands, Alison presents all of her gardening and planting with beautiful imagery to give you all the inspiration you need for your back garden. Be sure to check it out!


Veg Plotting documents the musings of life in the heart of Chippenham.

Packed with everything gardening and vegetables, from garden inspired recipes to tomato tasting events, you’ll find a great variation of posts over at Veg Plotting. 


An Artist’s Garden is a particularly beautiful blog, displaying the garden of, well, an artist.

With a studio at the back where one kind of magic happens, more magic blossoms on the outside in this wonderful garden. Check out these in depth posts about everything gardening and gain some real inspiration.


Put simply, Helen’s Blog contains everything from musings, ramblings, tips and gardening advice.

Having been featured in big publications like the Telegraph and twice finalist of the Garden Columnist of the Year, it’s safe to say that the advice she shares is well worth taking notice off.

From flowers to planting and general gardening techniques, you’ll find tons of great resource all in one place.


Red Dirt Ramblings takes us to Oklahoma in the USA for a journey through nature appreciation. With three gardens to choose from, find real inspiration for each corner of your castle.

The blog also contains useful garden guides and each post is complimented with some of the best garden photography you’ll see online. Warning, get ready to be jealous of these glorious gardens!


Growing Family is much more than just a gardening blog, with everything from planting guides, seasonal suggestions and preservation ideas; Growing Family is the perfect blog for those in need of some new ideas for all around the garden.

Also, be sure to check out her “10 Minute Gardener” for some useful tips that won’t break your time bank!


Join the conversations in the garden over at The Small Town Gardner. Digging deeply in to each season to ensure you find and create the most efficient garden that’s perfect for the time of year.

From growing all edibles to barnyard living, educate and inspire yourself with these great resources and tips.