1. 9 Ways To Pimp Your Patio

    A paved patio area in your back garden provides the perfect space in which to enjoy your garden, indulge in some al fresco dining, entertain guests, or simply relax with a good book.

    A patio is also easy to care for; paving stones can be swept to keep leaves and dirt at bay, and can be cleaned with a pressure washer to keep them looking their best. Having a paved patio area also reduces the amount of grass in your garden, thus cutting down on the time and energy that goes into keeping grass in good condition.

    If you're looking for ways to jazz up your patio and inject some new life into it this summer, we've come up with nine top tips to help you pimp up your patio! 

  2. The Ultimate Guide to Garden Paving Cleaning and Maintenance

    All types of paving need maintenance in order to preserve their looks and qualities. Cleaning the garden paving on a regular basis may sound daunting but is, in fact, simple to carry out. Once you know the ABCs of basic maintenance, you can rejuvenate your garden paving by yourself.

    There are a plethora of cleaning products on the market that promise to make your paving look like new again by eliminating growths and stains. However, the golden rule when it comes to maintaining your garden paving in its top shape is regular maintenance.

    This guide is meant to help you understand the requirements of paving cleaning and maintenance. It will walk you through general advice on dealing with dirt, debris and weeds and it will teach you how to tackle stains and organic growth.

  3. 15 Alternatives to Grass for Gardens

    It is always refreshing to see lush green sceneries, particularly if it’s your own lawn or garden. Grass seeds are usually planted to achieve this tranquil and invigorating ambiance. Little did most people know that keeping grass lawns green could be high maintenance—constant moving, watering, and fertilizing is a requisite. A pain in the grass indeed! It’s about time to consider these alternatives to grass for gardens.

  4. 17 Experts Reveal the Best Ways to Attract Wildlife to your Garden

    Building your own wildlife garden is a fantastic way to bring a touch of the natural countryside to your backyard. Choose the right plants and features, and you can create beautiful and sustainable habitats for local critters like birds, foxes, hedgehogs, insects and frogs. With some of Britain’s native species in plight, it’s also an opportunity to do your own little bit towards conservation and build a safe haven for some of our most beloved wildlife

    Resident wildlife can also help your garden to thrive. Encourage bees to visit and they’ll pollinate your flowers and plants, whilst birds and ladybugs will make short work of common garden pests like aphids. And if slugs are causing you grief, hedgehogs and frogs can keep the population under control. Plus, wildlife gardens are a great educational environment for kids, and a lovely place for anyone to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

  5. Horse Health and Happiness: Tips from Equestrian Experts

    Owning a horse is undoubtedly incredibly fun and rewarding, but it’s also a big challenge and a long-term commitment. After all, the average horse lives for as long as 30 years, with the oldest ever horse living to the ripe old age of 52! That means you can expect to be caring for your horse for decades to come. 

    If you want your horse to live a long and enriching life and meet its full potential, horse health and happiness should be your number one priority. Horses aren’t low maintenance animals; whether you just like riding your horse around or you’re into equestrian competitions like dressage, your trusty companion is going to require a lot of care. 

  6. The Definitive Guide to Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

    This infographic from Mainland Aggregates  has been designed to give you a comprehensive overview of landscape maintenance, and to advise you on the best work to carry out in different seasons.  From planting in the spring to scarifying in the winter, this infographic covers it all!! Read on to find out the secrets behind a beautiful landscape. 

  7. Understanding Quarrying: An Animated Guide

    Did you know that every year the UK quarries over 300,000,000 tonnes of aggregates? Or that there are 1300 quarries operational around the UK today? You rely on quarries more than you know, with aggregates providing the foundation for houses, roads, shops and farms.

    We’ve produced this animated video to introduce you to quarrying and help you to learn a little bit more about how it works.

  8. The Complete Guide to Designing & Building A Rockery for Your Garden

    Rockeries, rock gardens or alpine gardens are types of gardens that have stones, rocks, and boulders as a prominent landscape feature. They give your garden that much-needed natural feel and in addition serve numerous functions.


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