Creating Your Very Own Beach Garden

Beach gardens are known for their grassy greens, bright flowers, and striped deckchairs. They’re full of texture and can help bring a real sense of adventure into your backyard.


But you don’t have sea views and you don’t live anywhere near the beach!


We’re here to tell you that you don’t need the sea to make your backyard space a beach haven. You can create this fun and informal look in your own garden, with most costal plants able to thrive in many conditions.


To help, we’ve created a guide on designing your very own beach garden, no matter where you are in the country!



The first, big change that’s going to have to happen in your garden is the replacement of your grass. Of course, beaches often include Ammophila or marram grass, but not your regular turf, so the first step is to switch it out for pebbles. This has another added benefit of being much easier to maintain, requiring little regular upkeep.


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The most important element of a beach garden is the sand. If you really want to make it feel like a beach environment how and where you use sand in the space you have is well worth thinking about. For example, you can border a pond or stream with silica sand, giving your space that beach feel you need. Plenty of plants will grow in this environment too, which we’ll look at in the next chapter.


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To really create that beach feel, you obviously want to use the sorts of plants you will expect to see in these environments. Thankfully, there are tonnes of plants out there that can work in most environments. Coastal plants have to be hardier to survive the harsh conditions in which they naturally thrive.


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Once your grass has been replaced and your beachy plants have been added to your garden, you can look to make the space more authentic with accessories like cockle shells. Adding deckchairs and nautical elements to the space can really help take a beach garden to the next level.


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What could give a garden more of a beach-feel than a beach hut!? We aren’t suggesting that you have to invest in one though, no. If you have a garden shed, a lick of vibrant paint and some smart accessorising can switch your garden storage into a beach destination getaway.


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If the idea of covering your garden in pebbles and sand doesn’t take your fancy, then beach decking might be the perfect alternative. In fact, a mix and match of all of these elements can really complete the space, giving you room to host guests without it affecting the beach vibe.


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Below we have listed a few little extra articles that can help you create that beach look. Creating a beach garden can help you feel summery all year round, transforming your mood. And if you’re a passionate gardener, it’s a challenge that will help you develop your skills!


Good luck.


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