The Ultimate Front Yard Makeover

Have you just purchased a new property? Does the front yard and lawn look a mess? Or have you neglected the front of your home for too long, trying to avoid the cost of doing it up and leaving it to fall into an unsightly state?


Not only will a well-kept, attractive front lawn make it easier to sell the property further down the line, but it’ll make your home so much more welcoming too.


To help you revitalise that front yard space we at Mainland Aggregates have put together the ultimate front yard make-over guide. We know that you might not have the cash to splash and so have kept in mind a tight budget when putting together our guide!


Let’s get started...



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If you’re new to gardening or, as we mentioned earlier, you have just bought the property, a new set of tools are going to be required. But which tools are going to help you turn your front yard around? Below are some of our favourite run downs on the basic tools you’ll need to not only transform your front garden, but to maintain it too.


12 urban gardening tools to help you transform any small outdoor space


Eight tools for the beginning gardener


How to know what gardening tools you need


Eight must-have gardening tools


If you decide to really cut down your front lawn so that it requires minimal gardening work, you’re going to find yourself with plenty of tools left over. We recommend one of two things: sell them or reuse them. If you’re going to do the latter check out our favourite guide on recycling your old garden tools here:


Recycling your garden tools



Now you have the tools it’s time to start considering the space you’re dealing with. You could just get straight to work. But we always recommend starting the transformation with at least a basic plan in place.


Never designed or planned an outdoor space before? Don’t worry, there are loads of guides out there that will help you get to grips with the process. You can check out our favourites below. Some of them are little more in-depth than others too, so it’s really up to you on how far down the garden-design rabbit hole you want to go!


Front garden guide: design ideas to suit terraced, semi-detached, and detached houses


Planning your front yard landscape


40 fresh new ways to landscape your yard


How to design your front yard


Front yard landscaping


How to bring great landscaping to your home




It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that buying seeds is a much cheaper option than ready-grown plants. But if you’re going to grow your own from seed know these two things: there’s more to it than meets the eye and it will take time. Either way, here you can check out some of the best guides on the web for getting started with growing your own front yard plants.


A comprehensive guide to growing vegetables and flowers from seeds


10 seed-starting tips


How to plant seeds in pots


Buy em’:


Of course, not everyone will be particularly thrilled by the chance to grow their own plants from seeds. If you’re within their number we have also listed some of the best articles covering all weather, hardy perennials that’ll keep your garden lively all year round.


Top 10 all-weather perennial plants


Top ten tough perennials


How to plant in pots



When thinking of transforming their front yard many people concentrate on how it looks in the day. Which is fine. But don’t forget that it’s also nice to have a front garden that look great at night too, and the best way to do that is to light it up.  Below we have grabbed a few guides that will help light your front of house space up and some articles to give you some inspiration.


Best garden and balcony lighting on a budget


17 budget friendly DIY garden lights


Eight best solar-powered lights



If the front yard has a driveway that’s fallen into disrepair it’s time to relay it. Relaying a driveway can be done in a few different ways using a number of different materials. Below we have collected some guides that cover not just cheap ways of replacing an old driveway, but how you can maintain it and keep it free of weeds too!


Cheap methods for replacing your driveway


Driveway materials overview: what’s available?


How to lay and gravel a driveway


Cleaning your driveway


How to kill weeds in a driveway with salt brine and vinegar



If you really want to go the whole hog and give the front of the property a completely new look why not consider repainting the houses’ exterior. A splash of colour can really add to that homely, welcoming feel. Check out our favourite guides and some colour inspiration below.


How to paint and repair exterior walls


Smart tips for painting your house


28 inviting home exterior colour palettes



Below we have listed a few guides that didn’t quite fit into any of the above chapters. They cover everything from fixing up a tired lawn to creating a little front yard privacy. Check them out:


Some front yard privacy: Fences for privacy: Nine great ideas for gardening screening


Repairing your lawn: How to repair your lawn


Cheap gardening advice: Cheap gardening tips for beginners