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 Seven Celebrities You Never Knew Were Horse Fanatics


Everyone loves to hear about their favourite celebs and their pets. Especially if you are a pet lover yourself. But what about you horse fanatics out there? What A-list celebs consider themselves horse fans?


You probably know some of them already – Katie Price, Martin Clunes, and Jennifer Saunders being three of the most famous - but there are some celebs you might have never have imagined to see atop a horse. Here we have put together a rundown of seven celebrities you never knew were horse fanatics.





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The Queen of Pop took to horse riding during her marriage with Guy Ritchie in her 40s. At 47 she had a bad fall from her horse and cracked three ribs, broke her hand, and a broke a collarbone.


Enough to put someone off riding for life, right?


Not Madonna. Six months later she was back in the saddle.


She even managed to shrug off her infamous fall on stage at the Brits saying that “I know how to fall; I’ve fallen off my horse many times...” And that passion for riding has been passed on to her children, revealing on her Instagram account that she and her son David had been taking lessons together this year. 



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Julia Roberts

As one of the world’s most famous actresses, you’d think we know all there is to know about the Pretty Woman star. But did you know she’s a horse lover?


She has a few at her ranch in New Mexico and even starred in a documentary all about the wild horses of Mongolia, moving out there to live with a nomadic family and finding herself milking mares, and caring for the team of horses owned by the group. 



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Jamie Foxx 

Competition to play the lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was hotting up. Both Michael K Williams and Will Smith were tipped to snatch it, but we know that in the end Jamie Foxx pipped them both to the post.


How did he do it?


His horse Cheetah.


He had received the horse a few years prior and started riding shortly after. His riding skills and the fact that Foxx was happy for his horse to star in the film swung the decision for the Pulp Fiction director.  


But while Foxx was practiced on horseback there were still a few nerve-wrecking moments to test his skills. Like being asked to ride a stunt horse, bareback, brandishing a gun. Not something even the most accomplished riders have done! Foxx said of the event: “It was supposed to be a little trot, but the horse just broke out into a 28 mile per hour run”.


He isn’t shy about his passion for horses either and even gifted his movie pal Robert Downey, JR. a mare for his 45th birthday.



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Johnny Depp

Depp has played quite a few horseback roles including Dead Man, Lone Ranger, The Man Who Cried, and Sleepy Hollow. But we understand that just starring in some films doesn’t quite make you a horse fanatic.


Adopting your horse co-star, however, does.


Goldeneye is the one-eyed horse that played ‘Gunpowder’ Ichabod Crane’s horse in Sleepy Hollow. Depp was so fond of the horse that he adopted him once production was over.  



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Richard Hammond

If you were to associate Richard Hammond with a mode of transport it probably wouldn’t be horseback. But on top of his passion for fast cars Hammond and his wife are actually avid riders. And just all round animal lovers for that matter...


According to his website he has eight horses, six dogs, four cats, two goats, a flock of sheep, and twenty-or-so goats.


Hammond, like Madonna, also had a fall from a horse back in 2009. The horse threw him, but thankfully the only injuries he sustained were a few abrasions and a bruised bum! 



Mary Kate Circle

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Mary-Kate Olsen

Actress, model, business woman, and... horse rider.


Mary-Kate surprised many back in 2014 when she chose to compete the Hampton Classic Horse show. She impressed onlookers with her show-stopping riding skills on the day, but a year earlier a horse that she owned actually went on to win first place in Section B in the Local Hunter sections. 



Richard Gere Cirlce

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Richard Gere

Hollywood heartthrob Richard Gere first fell in love with horses back in the 70s while working on a Broadway Play Killer’s Head.  His first horse ‘Drukpa’ went everywhere with him, even joining him on the set of Sommersby – a 1993 romantic drama.


During an interview about his horse, Gere remarked “This big Appy follows me around like a dog, first horses are like your first girlfriend. You never forget.”



So there you go. Seven massive names who all have a passion for horse riding. Do you know of any more celebrity riders? Let us know in the comments below!