Equestrian Arena Costs: New vs Recycled

Constructing your own equestrian arena (or manege) can be a worthwhile investment, and is relatively easy if done properly. Every day someone makes use of some neglected land by creating their very own arena that can be used for all kinds of equestrian sports and activities.


If you are considering building your own arena, what it’s going to cost you is probably at the top of your mind. Whether you build it yourself or you hire contractors to do the work for you is one big factor, and one that can sometimes double the total cost – if you choose to do it yourself, make sure you take enough time and care to get the surface 100% right to avoid injury to you or your horses.


Whichever you choose though, the cost of the materials is going to be the main cost factor involved. There are a lot of materials that go into making up the components of a good equestrian surface, and these make up many tonnes in weight.


The best way to cut down on these costs – and to do your bit for the environment – is to use recycled materials where possible. Recycled equivalents for sand, aggregates, timber, gravel and retaining boards can all be sourced in the UK for a considerable discount, compared to buying new, so we’ve put together some examples of how much you can save if you opt for recycled instead.