The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Around the world, many of us spend the majority of our time indoors whether at the office, in our homes or commuting between the two. Unfortunately, as technology and public transport have progressed and a workaholic culture has become normalised, people are spending less time outdoors in nature. In fact, studies have shown that most people believe they do not have enough time to go outdoors. The effects of spending most of your time indoors without exposure to natural light can be great. We need to spend some time each day outdoors in a natural environment to regulate our cholesterol, blood pressure and sleeping patterns. Not to mention the many mental health benefits of being out in nature, including better memory, creativity and life satisfaction. If you’ve been feeling sleep deprived, are suffering from low mood or are currently recovering from illness, getting outside could be hugely beneficial to you. This infographic created by the team here at Mainland Aggregates looks at the many physical and mental health benefits of spending time outdoors whether that’s at the beach, in your garden, a local park or a stroll through a forest. Read on to find out why you should be spending more time out in nature.

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