Why We're Rightly Proud of Our Past Projects

We’ve had a busy year at Mainland supplying recycled, quarried and decorative aggregates for the public and private sectors. It’s been a hectic time but we’ve really enjoyed working on a variety of projects and we wanted to share them with you in this blog.

Here are just a few of the customers that have benefited by our quality gravels and chippings this year.


Moonstone Gravel

 20mm Moonstone Gravel


This driveway was rescued with a delivery of 20mm Moonstone Gravel which complements the exterior of the home.  This mixture compromises mainly of angular and some rounded stones providing a rich blend of black, white and dark brown tones.

It’s the perfect gravel to enhance existing features and benefits from being low cost and low maintenance.   


 Charcoal Basalt Gravel

 20mm Charcoal Basalt


We love the look of this 20mm Charcoal Basalt Gravel. It’s grey when dry but turns black when wet and good for creating a contrast for other features as this picture shows.

The property in question looks gorgeous with shrubs, brickwork, garage doors and window frames amplified by this quality aggregate. 


Pink Granite Gravel

 20mm Pink Granite Gravel


Wow best describes this 20mm Pink Granite Gravel. Buy it in bulk bags, loose bags or delivered by the tonne.  This front driveway/pathway was brought to life with the introduction of decorative brickwork and gravel chippings. Best of all, it’ll provide the householder with many years of pleasure!


Staffordshire Pink Gravel

 20mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel


Here’s another project where pink won the colour of the day. The gravel in question this time is Staffordshire Pink 20mm and it’s a popular mix of rounded and angular quartzite stones good for driveways and footpaths alike. 


Plum Slate Chippings

 40mm Plum Slate Chippings


You have to admit, this is a handsome approach to a home. As well as benefiting from a quality block paving driveway, this customer has cleverly used 40mm Plum Slate Chippings to highlight the fauna feature in the middle.


Peak Pebbles

 20mm Peak Pebbles


Not only does this project look appealing, the pebbles in question have an interesting history. They’re 20mm Peak Pebbles which are naturally rounded and half rounded stones shaped over thousands of years by aquatic erosion. We think they look best for driveways, water features and a variety of landscaping schemes, you should see them glisten when they are wet. 


Old English Self Binding Gravel

 Old English Self binding Gravel


Need self binding gravel suitable for paths, driveways or car parks? Old English Self Binding Gravel will do the trick. Look at how appealing it looks in this picture. You might want to use it for cycle routes, borders or bridleways depending on the project you have in mind.


Derbyshire Self Binding Gravel

 Derbyshire Self Binding Gravel


This period property already looked charming but a driveway filled with Derbyshire Self Binding Gravel really enhances the traditional features. The client who ordered this aggregate obviously has great taste. This is a unique product widely used around stately homes and heritage properties.


Golden Gravel

 Golden Gravel


How warm and appealing does this 20mm Golden Gravel look? No wonder this is such a popular choice with our customers, just look at how inviting it makes this garden look. Use it to brighten up dull areas. It’s easy to lay and gives instant results.   


York Cream Chippings

 20mm York Cream Gravel


Brilliant for brightening up a driveway, 20mm York Cream Chippings add a touch of luxury to your home. This customer fell for the charms of the creamy stone mixed with flecks of buff, light brown and the odd hint of grey. The colours really stand out when the stone is wet, and it’s a durable chipping well-suited to heavier traffic.   

We really enjoy serving our customers at Mainland Aggregates. Take another look at these past projects and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or advice about any our products