The Definitive Guide to Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

Did you know that landscaping can boost the resale value of a property by 14%? And that 44% of home-buyers would try to knock 20% off the price of a property if it looked unappealing from the outside? It’s clear that landscaping brings with it many benefits and can transform a drab backyard into something extraordinary! But whether you’ve created a beautiful and colourful gravel landscape or your very own thriving wildlife garden, any landscape requires maintenance and upkeep to keep it looking its best.  

However, these needs won’t stay the same year round, and often people fall into the trap of only bothering to garden and landscape during the warmer seasons, leaving outside areas to degrade and decay over the winter. By instead taking an all-season approach to landscaping, you can keep these areas looking amazing all year round. The right techniques will leave your landscapes looking fresher and more vibrant in the spring and summer, and at the very least a little less dead in the colder months! Combined with a stringent cleaning and maintenance regime for any paving, you can keep the exterior of your property looking beautiful year round!

This infographic from Mainland Aggregates  has been designed to give you a comprehensive overview of landscape maintenance, and to advise you on the best work to carry out in different seasons.  From planting in the spring to scarifying in the winter, this infographic covers it all!! Read on to find out the secrets behind a beautiful landscape.