The 20 Most Instagrammed Desk Plants to Beautify Your Workspace

Everyone working from home right now will empathise with the struggle to achieve an Instagram-worthy desk. In 2021, a desk space that is strewn with work clutter and unwashed coffee cups just doesn’t cut it. If this sounds like you, then plants could be the answer to all your desk-related problems.

Plants are the perfect way to add some life and colour to your desk. And not only are they oh-so aesthetically-pleasing, but studies have also shown that having healthy and living plants nearby can boost productivity, whilst dead plants can have the opposite effect. This means choosing the right plant for your desk is key - your productivity depends on it!

If like us, you’ve been getting desk-envy whilst browsing your Instagram feed, we’ve got you covered. We have gathered data on the 20 most Instagrammed desk plants that will give you that much-needed productivity boost and keep your desk looking fresh. See the results below!


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To calculate which desk plants are the most Instagrammed, we input 55 hashtags of different houseplant species into Instagram and recorded how many times these hashtags have been shared by social media users. We specifically looked at low-maintenance houseplants that require little sunlight and water, as these would be most suitable as desk plants.