Imaginative Ways to Store Your Firewood

Correct firewood storage is important. Get it wrong and you could end up ruining your wood, and having nothing to keep your stove burning in the winter months. If you have just bought your first wood burning stove, or you’re looking for a few tips on how to source & store your wood, we’ve put together a detailed guide on becoming the ultimate firewood expert here.


But generic firewood storage systems can look a little drab in the garden, often taking up more space than you’d like and becoming an eyesore in your otherwise beautiful Eden. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled some of our favourite imaginative ways to store firewood here. 


Near your fireplace


The ideal place to keep your firewood is close by to your stove or fireplace. Creating alcoves or niches to store the chopped wood can add a neat architectural flair to the room. Or, if your home doesn’t accommodate these sorts of alcoves, use small basket containers to hold just the right amount of wood you need. Here are a couple of our favourites:





We understand if you don’t want to store your firewood inside. It doesn’t go with every decor. If not, outside is a fine spot to store it, just remember that the elements can take their toll on your wood. DIY outlets often sell shelters specifically designed for your firewood, and they can be adapted to really compliment your backyard. Check out a couple of our favourites here:




By the door


As we have mentioned, you’ll want to keep your firewood somewhere that you can quickly access it, without having to expose yourself to the elements. Close by your front door is a great option. Just remember to keep it well covered and protected. Check out a few of our favourite ideas: 




Some tips:


Correct storage of your firewood is important if you want to use it to keep your stove going in the winter months. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a spot to store your wood.


  • Keep them dry – kiln dried logs have a moisture content of under 25%, so make sure that wherever you’re storing the wood is a dry spot. If you are hoping to store outside, make sure that they’re well protected from the elements.
  • Give them space – Ideally, when storing your logs, they should have plenty of space. It’s important that air flows around and in-between them if you want them to retain their quality and offer the best burn.
  • Store them close by – You don’t want to have to carry the logs from the other end of your garden in winter, so think carefully about where you’re storing them. The closer to where you’re going to put them to use, the better.
  • Elevate it – If you choose to store your firewood outside, remember to elevate the wood. The moisture from the floor can quickly rot the bottom rows of your firewood. You can use pallets to lift the wood if you don’t have a dedicated storage area.