Firewood Logs

Mainland Aggregates are one of the leading firewood logs suppliers in the UK. We take pride in the fact we only supply the finest quality kiln dried hardwood logs, unlike other firewood merchants that seem happy to sell inferior, un-seasoned wood.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend using un-seasoned firewood at Mainland. Damp timber creates a very inefficient burn resulting in lost heat trying to drive moisture from the logs. Our firewood is by far superior, having already been seasoned and then kiln dried to give you the best quality logs at the best possible price.

As a firewood supplier we like to provide excellent standards of service to our customers. Our firewood logs are first seasoned naturally and then kiln dried during the summer months to ensure optimum moisture levels are achieved. This means they are in perfect condition when they arrive at your door to help you get through those cold winter months! Other suppliers might be happy to sell un-seasoned firewood logs but we do things differently, supplying and distributing premium grade kiln dried logs, heat logs and kindling sticks.

You’ll see and feel the difference with our firewood logs. They provide the ideal mix of flame and heat and burn for longer, representing excellent value for money. Plus we carefully hand stack our logs into crates meaning we can cram 30% more firewood into each delivery, compared to most suppliers that like to deliver loose loads.

Want value for money from winter fuel bills? Speak to firewood log suppliers that take great pride in their products. Burn our hardwood logs over the winter and keep your home toasty warm with a superior standard of firewood.

PLEASE NOTE: VAT on firewood logs for domestic use is just 5%!


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  1. Premium Kiln Dried Ash Firewood in 2m3 Hand Stacked Pallets

    Premium Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Logs

    Premium Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Logs - Available in Hand Stacked Pallets, Bulk Bags or by the Lorry Load!


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