Frequently Asked Questions

I have navigated around your website and have located the product I want but can't see any prices. How do I obtain a price?

Click on the particular product you are interested in to bring up more information. Directly to the left and right of the main picture there are boxes prompting you to enter the shipping location. If you enter the delivery postcode e.g. MK44, RG2, TN13 etc the delivered prices will be shown.

Please Note: A bespoke quote must be obtained for any loose products.

I am looking for a price on a product to be delivered loose, how can I obtain a price?

All loose deliveries must be quoted for individually as prices depend on various factors such as the tonnage required, the distance from source and any bulk discounts available. To request a quote for a loose delivery please visit the information page for the product in question and request a quote using the 'Get a Quote' button located to the right of the main picture. If a prompt appears asking you to enter the delivery postcode please enter your postcode and the various options will pop up. Simply enter the tonnage required and press 'Get a Quote' to add the particular product to your quote cart. Your quote cart can be accessed at anytime by clicking the link at the top of the screen 'My Quote Cart'. To add multiple products to the quote cart simply repeat the previous step. Once you have everything required in your quote cart you can request a quote for the items in your cart by using the form presented to you in your quote cart. Once submitted the team will email a bespoke quoation to you usually within a couple of hours.

I have hit the 'Get a Quote' button and nothing has happened. Where am I going wrong?

By pressing the 'Get a Quote' button the desired product and quantity will be added to your quote cart which is located at the top of your screen

Do the prices shown on your website include delivery?

All prices shown on the website include delivery by our standard delivery method. More details about our delivery methods can be found in our

delivery information section.