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Topsoil & Mulch

Integral for successful landscaping, mulch and topsoil is employed by gardeners and landscape architects alike to great effect. Yielding a rich collection of flowers or vegetables is immeasurably more difficult without the addition of these ingredients.

Here at Mainland Aggregates our vast product catalogue includes a selection of mulch, bark and topsoil, perfect for either large commercial landscaping or small personal gardens. Whether you’re growing a crop of summer vegetables or are responsible for a large landscaping project on behalf of a council, we offer a choice of products.

Our top soil has a rich concentration of nutrients vital plants. We can produce specialist grade and blend composition, tailored to your personal growing requirements also.

The benefits of mulch mean that it proves to be a powerful growing agent to any landscape. We have a selection of mulch, perfect for gardening and landscaping. Improving the soil structure and composition, mulch is one of the key ingredients to a sustainable landscape.

Choose from a our scallop shell mulch, and bark. Each of our landscaping mulch has a welcomed consistency for even distribution. From shells to pine bark and scallop shell, our mulch is 100% biodegradable and will provide year after year soil conditioner.

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