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Indian Stone Paving & Features

Indian Stone has long been considered number one when it comes to quality stone. The various regions of India each have a unique geology producing some of the most Indian Stone available on the market. Here at Mainland Aggregates we carefully source our Indian Stone products not only to ensure the highest quality but also to ensure they are produced ethically. This means only using suppliers who are compliant with the Ethical Base Code which ensures members obide by the principles of 'Employment being Freely Chosen, Freedom of Association, Working Conditions are Safe and Hygienic, Child Labour not Utilised, Living Wages are Paid, Working Hours are Not Excessive, No Discrimination is Practiced, Regular Employment is provided, Harsh or Inhumane Treatment is Prohibited'.

All of our Indian Stone products are produced from natural stone creating unique variations in colour and texture. No concrete or resins used here!

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Indian Stone Paving
Indian Stone Paving