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Firewood & Coal

Firewood logs are a cost-effective heating solution. With energy prices forever on the increase a growing number of households are exploring cheaper alternatives to home heating and our Ash hardwood firewood logs are a sensible solution.

Sales are roaring at the moment. We have witnessed a steady growth in firewood log sales over the past couple of years at Mainland Aggregates and there would appear to be no signs of this slowing down. Our logs are superior quality, unlike the un-seasoned firewood that seems to be flooding the market at the moment, use them for improved heat efficiency.

Un-seasoned firewood represents false economy. Burn moisture-ridden logs and your stockpile of firewood supplies will quickly disappear. Our logs provide the perfect mix of flame and heat. They’re good value and provide you with peace of mind right through the winter period, although we do have firewood logs for sale throughout the year.

You’ll certainly notice the difference when you burn our hardwood firewood logs. Fires burn hotter for longer with our quality supplies. And we’re only one of a handful of suppliers in the UK that hand stacks firewood in crates, meaning you get up to 30% more logs per cubic metre, which is pretty amazing value!

Burn firewood for longer this winter, make your property feel warmer and save money in the long run. Mainland Aggregates are one of the leading firewood suppliers. Call us and we’ll take care of all your heating requirements whether you require logs, pellets, briquettes or kindling sticks.

Firewood Logs
Firewood Logs