Winter Grit & Rock Salts

When the temperature falls, and ice forms on the roads, motoring can be an especially perilous exercise. Similarly, those travelling on foot will find pathways and car parks especially difficult to negotiate in the slippery conditions.

One of the most effective ways to guarantee road safety in times of torrid conditions is to distribute rock salt on the roads. Here at Mainland Aggregates we offer the choice of brown and white gritting salt, effective in securing road and pavement safety with confidence.

Favoured in doorways, our white salt is employed to great effect by homeowners to remove any residue that would otherwise be brought into the house by foot traffic. Causing minimal disruption to homes, white salt will quickly melt ice in temperatures as low as minus seven degrees Celsius.

As trusted rock salt suppliers, we can cater to the most exacting of customer requirements. We understand that seasonal rock salt doesn’t necessarily cater to customer demands. For this reason we operate a year round service. This affords our customers the opportunity to be as prepared as they possibly can when that cold weather front comes in.

Choose from a selection of bags. We offer 850 kg white or marine salt bulk bags, 25kg bags or loose salt sales by the tonne. Whether you need a supply for domestic or commercial requirements, we can meet your needs.

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Rock Salt
Rock Salt