Decorative Gravels & Chippings

Decorative Gravels & Chippings
Decorative Gravels & Chippings

Here at Mainland Aggregates we have a stunning selection of decorative gravel & chippings guaranteed to cater for most tastes. There are endless landscaping possibilities when using decorative gravels/chippings allowing clients to brighten up the dullest areas at a competitive price. Our decorative gravels/chippings are available loose by the tonne or in Bulk Bags ensuring clients benefit from the most flexible delivery solutions available. Orders above 10 tonnes can be delivered loose by tipper lorry and in many cases will make the unit price of the product cheaper.

These days a garden is considered a very important selling point of any house and the addition of decorative gravels can only help make the appearance of your property that extra bit special! Set yourself apart from your neighbours and enhance the appearance of your property with scallop shell mulch, cockle shell mulch, cream chippings, and more. Why not consider mixing decorative gravels with some of our larger decorative cobbles to create a feature?

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  1. 20mm York Cream Chippings
  2. 20mm Old English Chippings
  3. 10mm Derbyshire Cream Limestone
  4. Cockle Shell Mulch
  5. 10mm Golden Gravel
  6. 20mm Golden Flint Gravel
  7. 10mm Dove Grey Limestone
  8. 20mm Dove Grey Limestone
  9. 20mm Silver Granite Chippings
  10. 20mm Coral Chippings
  11. NEW
    20mm Flamingo Chippings
  12. 10mm Trent Gravel
  13. 20mm Trent Gravel
  14. 10mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel
  15. 20mm Staffordshire Pink Gravel
  16. 20mm Cambrian Green Chippings
  17. 10mm Celtic Chippings
  18. 20mm Celtic Chippings
  19. 10mm Pink Granite Chippings
  20. 20mm Pink Granite Chippings
  21. 20mm Red Granite Chippings
  22. 10mm Forest Rose Chippings
  23. 20mm Forest Rose Chippings
  24. 10mm Charcoal Basalt Chippings
  25. 20mm Charcoal Basalt Chippings
  26. 20mm Blue Slate Gravel/Chippings
  27. 40mm Blue Slate Gravel/Chippings
  28. 20mm Plum Slate Gravel/Chippings
  29. 40mm Plum Slate Gravel/Chippings
  30. 20mm Green Slate Gravel/Chippings
  31. 40mm Green Slate Gravel/Chippings
  32. 40mm Graphite Grey Slate Gravel/Chippings
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32 Items

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