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Recycled Aggregates

Here at Mainland Aggregates we specialise in bringing consumers a collection of surface applications that meet both construction and sustainability objectives.

Today, recycled aggregates are integral for a wealth of landscaping and construction projects. From bank protection to road construction, whether used as a sub base or fill for drainage structures or as noise barriers, these aggregates prove to be a superlative solution.

Generally a cheaper option than quarried aggregates, our recycled aggregates originated as materials from demolition projects, before being crushed and screened to produce the required grading.

We’re proud to have a selection of aggregates that not only comply with even the strictest building regulations, but are derived from a sustainable source. The simple act of recycling concrete, brick and asphalt reduces the need for natural resources, thereby avoiding any detrimental effect to our environment.

Our unrivalled recycled aggregates are produced to various specifications. This consistency in production ensures a high quality product everytime. We offer a choice of recycled drainage aggregates and recycled sub-base aggregates. These recycled aggregates feature similar technical specifications as their quarried counterparts which make them perfect for a number of applications.

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