Rock Salt

Brown and white gritting rock salt are sourced from two distinct sources; ancient seams of rock salt that were formed from long dried up sea beds and evaporated sea water or salt beds. Their different properties mean that they are suited to different purposes.

Brown rock salt can be employed to great effect in larger environments. From roads and pavements to car parks, brown rock salt has a distinctive appearance, and provides widespread grip for vehicles and pedestrians in times of icy temperatures.

Conversely, white rock salt is highly effective in providing a safe environment in pedestrian areas. The entrance and exit of commercial buildings can be difficult to negotiate in icy conditions. White rock salt melts ice quickly, leaving the environment safe to traverse with little or no residue.

We cater to the individual demands of our clients. When you buy rock salt online from Mainland Aggregates you have a choice of 850kg bulk bags or to purchase the rock salt by the tonne. This caters to residential and commercial clients alike by offering them a quantity to meet their needs.

For a free of charge quotation, or if you wish to discuss your personal requirements, contact us today on: 01234 831108.

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  1. Brown Rock Salt

    Brown Gritting/Rock Salt

    Secure the Safety of any Surface with Brown Gritting Rock Salt

    Available in three distinct quantities, tailored to your personal needs, brown rock salt has a distinct appearance promoting the visibility of safe roads.


    Learn More
  2. White Gritting/Rock Salt

    White Gritting/Rock Salt

    White De-icing Salt - Available in Bulk Bags or Loose by the Tonne Learn More
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