Five Reasons why Granite is the Best Aggregate

The reasons why you should choose granite for all your aggregate needs

Five Reasons Why Granite is the Best Aggregate

Aggregates can be made from a wealth of different materials to fit the environment. From sand to slurry, ores and crushed rock, mined from the ground, there is a wealth of different aggregates. Despite the choice, there is one material that stands out – granite.

Here are five separate reasons why granite is considered to be the foremost aggregate choice.

It’s Easy to Find

Substantial deposits of granite can be found beneath hills and valleys. This makes granite readily available for a wealth of different people. Once an expansive deposit is found, it can be mined for years to come.

Granite is Hard

Granite is one of the hardest of all aggregate materials. This makes it one of the more preferred stones for construction projects. Used as a reliable base for roads and buildings, granite won’t change shape under pressure. It’s difficult to cut and shape, however new technologies are being developed, making granite easier to work with.

There is an Abundant Amount Available

Vermont is, traditionally considered to be the world leader in granite mining. However, over recent times India and Finland have both begun mining for granite. This has increased global competition, lowering prices, but boosting the economy of developing countries.

Granite has an Attractive Appearance

Depending on the mineral ingredients, granite has a different appearance. With a wealth of colours and internal patterns, often containing crystal deposits of varying sizes, granite sparkles and has become a firm favourite with consumer’s interior decor ideas.

Granite is Hard Wearing

Even decades after installation granite will keep a similar, attractive appearance. So attractive is granite that the material has become a favourite of artists, using the material to cast statues and displays. When added to exterior aesthetic design, granite won’t suffer erosion from wind and rain, as well as any man-made problems.

These are just five of the reasons why granite makes a superb aggregate. If you’d like to learn more about the material, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.