Why are aggregates so important in construction and industry?

We explain how aggregates are such a huge part of construction and industry due to their versatility of uses.

Why Are Aggregates so Important in Construction


At Mainland Aggregates we provide recycled, quarried and decorative aggregates for the public and private sectors. We understand how necessary aggregates are in everyday life so our vast network of hauliers covers the whole of the UK to source and supply our products. As the backbone to the way we live and work, around 205 million tonnes of aggregates are needed each year in the UK. Learn more below.


Buildings and Structures

The majority of aggregates are used for the construction industry. Public and private sector buildings from hospitals and schools, to banks and businesses are all made possible by aggregates. Special finishes can result in architectural landmarks.



A new house typically uses up to 50 tonnes of aggregates to construct. Everything from roof tiles to the foundations relies on them to make a strong and lasting home. Homeowners are more commonly opting for decorative aggregates to use in gardens, as pathways, and driveways.





Used throughout the construction of roads, aggregates can be implemented to provide skid-resistance as well as a resistance to polishing. 94% of passenger travel is handled on the UK’s road network so the need for aggregates is incredibly important.



Track ballast which forms the bed over which railway sleepers are laid is all reliant on aggregates. Some 3 million tonnes are used each year in the UK to keep our railway networks running.


The Water Industry

Reservoirs and sewage treatment works are all built and maintained using aggregates. They have helped assist water companies in a programme to overcome shortages, making sure that all homes and buildings have access to the water and sewage networks.


So to put things in perspective...

Around 90% of the UK’s minerals are aggregate based, used in both the construction and industry sectors. Compare this to the use of coal and oil and it is easy to see just how important aggregates are. (See the infographic for more statistics.)



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