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Premium Silica Sand

Fine-grade, sub-angular grained Silica Sand for sale, perfect for either equestrian, leisure or construction applications.


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Premium Silica Sand


Consists of: Silica Sand can be found at numerous locations across the UK. However, there are only a handful of locations where true sub-angular Silica Sand can be found. Mainland Aggregates is one such reputable business that can bring you the finest quality sand at the most competitive prices. With fine sub-angular grains that promote effective drainage and improved compaction, our Silica Sand is perfect for equestrian applications. Although no official standard has been specified for "Equestrian Silica Sand", we are able to identify the properties required which make a particular Silica Sand more suited to"equestrian use" and thus suitable for riding arenas, lunges, gallops, race tracks and turnouts. The angular grains lock together to improve firmness, whilst providing a comfortable and cushioned ride. Our Premium Silica Sand is graded to remove clay and silt which promotes firmness whilst aiding drainage. Whilst Silica Sand has a variety of uses from equestrian to block paving, any Silica Sand with an entirely rounded grain content should be avoided unless used in combination with other products as they cause the surface to ride too deep. Inferior sand may lead to compaction, water-logging and eventual surface failure. If it is cheap there is usually a reason why! All sands will perform better with moisture and will ride deep when dry unless used in combination with other products. Throughout prolonged dry spells it’s advised that you water the sand. This, with the addition of the rubber chip and/or fibre, will improve firmness, and the performance of the sand. All newly laid Silica Sand surfaces will require a period of settling before performing at their best although this process can be sped up by rolling and watering.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Silica Sand is not sold by colour. Colour will vary depending on delivery location.


Ideal for: Riding arenas, turnouts, lunge pens, gallops, canter tracks


Availability: 850kg Bulk Bags or Loose by the tonne


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 x 850kg Bulk Bag or 10 tonnes loose.


Coverage: 1 tonne will cover approx 6 square metres at 100mm depth.