1. Spring Gardening Workshop: 17 Renowned Gardeners Reveal Their Best Advice for Beginners

    With a patchy winter now all but behind us, it’s soon going to be time to get back out into the garden, if you haven’t already. We approached 17 renowned gardeners from the both UK and around the world to see what hints, tips and advice they might have for new gardeners.

  2. Seven Celebrities You Never Knew Were Horse Fanatics

    Everyone loves to hear about their favourite celebs and their pets. Especially if you are a pet lover yourself. But what about you horse fanatics out there?

    What A-list celebs consider themselves horse fans? You probably know some of them already – Katie Price, Martin Clunes, and Jennifer Saunders being three of the most famous - but there are some celebs you might have never have imagined to see atop a horse. Here we have put together a rundown of seven celebrities you never knew were horse fanatics.

  3. Equestrian Arena Costs: New vs Recycled

    Constructing your own equestrian arena (or manege) can be a worthwhile investment, and is relatively easy if done properly - but it can be costly. We've compared the cost of buying new and recycled components for your arena so you can do your bit for the environment, as well as saving a bit of cash.

  4. The Best Equestrian Blogs of 2016

    The web isn’t short of equestrian related websites, and so separating the wheat from the chaff can prove difficult. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the very best equestrian blogs of 2016 that all horse lovers should check out at least once.

  5. How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

    Gardens are alive, growing with each passing year and begging more and more input from their owners. That hedge grows a little wider, your vegetable patch grows a little longer, and your trees a little taller. And so it goes that many homeowners start to feel that achieving, and more importantly, maintaining, a beautiful garden is an impossible feat within their limited time and budget.


    But it doesn’t have to be that way. No garden can ever be a zero maintenance space, but it can be transformed into a low-maintenance space, giving you the freedom to focus on the areas that you find most enjoyable.


    Here we’ll explore ideas to help you create a garden that doesn’t bust the bank or break your back.

  6. Ask The Experts: How Would You Use Slate Chippings In Your Garden?

    Slate chippings are a versatile aggregate that can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. But if you’re feeling a little lost for inspiration, we have asked industry experts to share how they would use slate chippings in their own garden.

    All of the responses we received we great and will hopefully provide you guys out there with some ideas on how best to utilise slate chippings in your own space!

  7. Creating Your Very Own Beach Garden

    Beach gardens are known for their grassy greens, bright flowers, and striped deckchairs. They’re full of texture and can help bring a real sense of adventure into your backyard.

    But you don’t have sea views and you don’t live anywhere near the beach!

    We’re here to tell you that you don’t need the sea to make your backyard space a beach haven. You can create this fun and informal look in your own garden, with most costal plants able to thrive in many conditions.

    To help, we’ve created a guide on designing your very own beach garden, no matter where you are in the country!

  8. Imaginative Ways To Store Your Firewood

    Correct firewood storage is important. Get it wrong and you could end up ruining your wood, and having nothing to keep your stove burning in the winter months. If you have just bought your first wood burning stove, or you’re looking for a few tips on how to source & store your wood, we’ve put together a detailed guide on becoming the ultimate firewood expert here.

    But generic firewood storage systems can look a little drab in the garden, often taking up more space than you’d like and becoming an eyesore in your otherwise beautiful Eden. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled some of our favourite imaginative ways to store firewood here. 

  9. Getting to Know Your Garden Soil

    Having a basic understanding of your garden soil and it’s pH level will not only help keep your garden healthy, but will give you a better understanding of the plants that will and won’t flourish within it.


    Many amateur gardeners are put off about learning the ins and outs of ‘gardening science’, thinking it might all be a little over their heads. But the reality is that getting to grips with garden soils isn’t particularly difficult, and can help you take your gardening skills to the next level.


    Here we’re going to look in detail at gardening soils, covering everything you need to know in an easy to understand and digestible way.

  10. The Ultimate Front Yard Makeover

    Have you just purchased a new property? Does the front yard and lawn look a mess? Or have you neglected the front of your home for too long, trying to avoid the cost of doing it up and leaving it to fall into an unsightly state?


    Not only will a well-kept, attractive front lawn make it easier to sell the property further down the line, but it’ll make your home so much more welcoming too.


    To help you revitalise that front yard space we at Mainland Aggregates have put together the ultimate front yard make-over guide. We know that you might not have the cash to splash and so have kept in mind a tight budget when putting together our guide!


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