Popular Commodities Causing Deforestation


In 2019, global warming has reached a state of crisis. The planet is burning, the ice caps are melting and the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. In August, the Amazon caught fire and hasn’t stopped now for over a week. We are now being forced to face the consequences of our actions; for too long, we simply haven’t been doing enough to take care of our planet.

Our latest global warming activist, the Swedish student, Greta Thunberg, is currently setting a great example of demonstrating the urgency of our current situation. The lifestyle many of us are currently leading simply isn’t sustainable. There is too much waste and too much disregard for the world around us.

Deforestation has been going on for years, so how have we allowed it to get to this point? One of the biggest causes of deforestation is our diet. Meat, soybeans and palm oil are huge catalysts in the deforestation crisis. Illegal deforestation occurs continuously around the world in an effort to produce certain foods and products that we like to buy. Avocados, beef, soy sauce and leather fashion items to name a few. But at what cost will we continue to endorse the production of items that are killing the planet we live on?

The data below looks at some of the prime culprits of deforestation today including beef, soybeans, palm oil and avocado production and how the production process is causing the mass destruction of forest land.



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