The Best Equestrian Blogs of 2016

The web isn’t short of equestrian related websites, and so separating the wheat from the chaff can prove difficult. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the very best equestrian blogs of 2016 that all horse lovers should check out at least once.


The Best Equestrain Blogs of 2016

The web isn’t short of equestrian related websites, and so separating the wheat from the chaff can prove difficult. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the very best equestrian blogs of 2016 that all horse lovers should check out at least once.




This simple site is a great place to keep up to date with riding news from around the world. What really makes it though is the dry wit and humour used in the writing. Match that with the site’s simple design and interface and it makes one of the best riding blogs on the web today.





Touted as the place to be for ‘competitors, owners, supporters, and enthusiasts at every level’ The Gaitpost is a brilliantly curated collection of equestrian life and style. The site is full of stories, insights, tips and more for the sport you love. They have a handy newsletter too, so that you can keep on top of all the latest goings on! 




Haynet is jam packed with a huge array of blogs on posts all about equine & country life. They cover everything from how to find the right riding instructor to how you can lunge a horse. They accept guest posts too for those budding horse bloggers out there!





Looking for a useful blog on fitting your equestrian passion into your busy life? The Savvy Horsewoman and their guest writers offer up a host of advice and tips to help you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to looking after and enjoying your horse lifestyle!





Horse Hero is home to a huge array of videos covering a range of equestrian disciplines. The site provides a rare glimpse into the lives of industry leading professionals, and info on how they train their horses. Trailers and monthly highlights are free, but to enjoy access to all videos it’s just £4.50 a month!





A Country Lady is a self proclaimed ‘horse crazy’ site. Obsessed with equestrian fashion they showcase some of the best products out there. It doesn’t just end with fashion and style though. They discuss equestrian lifestyle, horses, country life, and even fitness. All packed into a neat design and easy to use website.







Liennea Aarflot is a holistic dressage rider and trainer who has worked on two Olympic dressage stables in both the US and England. Her site, The Equestrian, offers up musings, tips, recommendations, and news. She even provides training and clinics too, if you’re looking for a little help!





While Horse and Rider is actually a magazine, their website has a host of useful articles too. They cover everything from horsey shopping guides to property. The site even has an ‘ask the experts’ section where you can check out some frequently asked questions or put one to an expert.





As the name suggests, this site is big on all things horse related. Described as a way to give voice to “the ordinary rider”, they aim to bring together amateur riders from varying disciplines and parts of the world. If you’re looking for a community of amateur riders like yourself, this is the place for you.





Looking for a site to provide equine health care? The Horse provides a publication that covers all things equine health related, aimed at the ‘responsible horse owner’. The site covers a range of horse health topics, provides blogs, and free reports.





Joining up to the Equestrian Coach site means that users have instant access to a huge library of videos from some of the biggest names in the Equestrian world including Bernie Trauig, Missy Clark, and so many more. All of the articles on the site are free to access and are packed with useful information too!





Follow Kate on her journey towards becoming a successful professional equestrian without any financial support from family. Her posts cover everything from her competitions, to products she’s currently using, and some helpful tips and advice. It’s a well written, useful, and fun resource!





Equestrian at Hart follows rider Hillary and her experiences with her horses Annie and Houston. The blog explores everything from advice to daily life as a passionate rider. The posts are a great read and its fun to see how horse and owner adapt and change! There are plenty of videos on the site too if you’re looking to watch Hillary in action.





Consider Everything Horse your equestrian news portal. They cover a wide array of equestrian events, cover all the action, and report back to their readers regularly. Each and every writer is passionate about all things equestrian, making for well informed articles and news!





Equestrian Trend covers fashion & lifestyle for all horse lovers out there. They look at stables, riding schools, the latest products, and daily life as a passionate rider. The blog is run by Portuguese show jumper Carolina Silva and features some really useful tips and great imagery!





Horse Scout is the perfect place to discover everything from riders to trainers to yards! It’s free to join too and has been well designed, making setting up and managing your profile super simple. You can easily connect with people of interest and note your professional progress. Consider it a social media site for horse lovers!





Horsegirl TV aims to focus on the positive aspects of the equine industry. They provide informative and educational videos for both adults and children alike, helping expand the industry as a whole. On top of their brilliant video content, the team also regularly create blogs on news and offer up helpful advice!





Website owner and writer Courtney uses An Equestrian Life to track riding progress and talk about her equestrian lifestyle. This well written blog is worth exploring as you’re sure to find some useful titbits of information.





Run by a highly experienced rider and writer Gift Horse Eventing talks all things horses. On the site you can keep track of competitions & training exercises, watch fascinating interviews with some of the world’s most famous riders, check out reviews of products, and so much more. The site has really clear and simple design too making it a joy to read!






Looking for an equestrian themed getaway? Equestrian Escapes have been writing and designing their own riding holidays for 10 years. On their site you’ll be able to carefully select your dream horse riding break from a whole host of countries. They’re members of The Association of Independent Tour Operators too, ensuring a quality service.






This is the home of British Eventing and the best place to keep up to date with the latest fixtures & results. The site also has a useful training and education page where you can checkout upcoming courses and events near you.






This site provides the very latest in news and events from the equestrian calendar. So if you’re looking for a site to keep up with all things equestrian this is the place for you. They have a regular newsletter you can sign up with too, meaning you never miss a beat!






As you’d expect from a name like Horses Daily, the site helps keep equestrian lovers up to date with the latest news. The site has a simple, slick design too so that you can find out exactly what you need to know about your favourite discipline. A must visit for those with a passion for horses!