Many Uses of Sand

How Important Is Sand To Us?


If you were asked, ‘can you tell me how sand has impacted our history and how we live today?’ what would your answer be? Most of us would reply, ‘I don’t know – I’ll have to think about it.’ Simply put, sand has played an essential part in our evolution.


Sand is one of the most abundant compounds found on Earth. It is one natural resource that mankind has employed to great effect to make the world around us a better place. From the construction of ancient architectural wonders like the pyramids of Giza to contemporary recreational uses such as equestrian surfacing, this granular material has unparalleled versatility.


Have a look at the infographic below. This visual illustration accurately demonstrates how sand has helped shape our world over the last 10,000 years. And if you've not had your fill of sand by the end check out our silica sand page.



Today, we continue to utilise the resource to improve our lives. Notably the growth in demand for fracking sand has lead to an energy boom, resulting in the creation of jobs and cheaper fuel. This, in-turn has kick-starting faltering manufacturing sectors, increasing industrial production both in the UK and abroad.


Did you know the success of a great deal of recreational activities depends on correct use of sand? Equestrians need good all-round surfacing to enjoy any riding experience. Preventing a ‘deep ride’ with a responsive surface, silica sand, together with a layer of rubber chippings, manages just this.